CORE Choice - Hightech Freestyler made with Cartan® full carbon
CORE Choice - Hightech Freestyler made with Cartan® full carbon

CORE Choice - Hightech Freestyler made with Cartan® full carbon

Freestyle | Wakestyle | Obstacles

The uncompromising freestyle board is made entirely from the especially light and high performance CARTAN® carbon, which has helped make the CORE Fusion series such an outright success. The CARVED knowledge and the brutal torsional flex of the Cartan® carbon come into play where extreme pop is a prerequisite in the free- and wakestyle realm. As promised by the name “Choice” the new CORE board can be ridden either with the standard 'pad and strap' combination or with boots. In addition to the strengthened inserts, for the bindings, the Choice boasts a pronounced PRO ROCKER and tips that feature six channels to provide enough grip to ride the board without fins. The bottom of the board features an extremely durable FLAT BASE to ensure that everything goes smoothly on obstacles.
Cena z DDV:
928,99 €

New from June 2015: with CORE Union Pro Pads & Straps


Key features at a glance:

  1. CARTAN® CARBON: feather weight, monster pop 
  2. PRO ROCKER: ready for hardcore freestyle tricks
  3. BOOT-TOUGH INSERTS: bomb proof grip for boot bindings
  4. SIX-CHANNEL TIPS: crazy grip – even without fins
  5. FLAT BASE: well prepared for obstacles
  6. 3D WOOD CORE - precisely calculated, milled wood core
  7. DIAMOND 3D-SHAPE - optimal force distribution
  8. CORE PRO STRAPS & PADS - comfortable slide and edge feel
  9. 1.4’’ G10 PRO FINS - small fins for hardcore freestyle
  10. 1.1’’ G10 WAKE FINS (optional upgrade) - extremely loose, perfect for wakestyle


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